Mytronics Global
Strong sourcing teams in Asia, Europe and US; strategic relationships with more than 40 countries' original manufacturers and franchised distributors; 7 days and 24 hours around the clock service; quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility.


Mytronics Global
Rigid parts source control management such as categorization of suppliers ensures that over 95% materials are from original manufacturers or franchised distributors with traceable documents. Our in house tests and third party tests guarantee the quality of materials
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Headquarter: Mytronics Global Co Limited
Office B, 26th Floor, Kings Tower, No.111 King Lam Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong                                 
Tel: 852-2370-8653

Mytronics Global Co Limited Shanghai Office
Room 601-603, Building 1, Gonghexin Road 2750, JingAn District Shanghai, China (PC 200072)        
Tel: 86-21-6698-6378

Mytronics Global Co Limited Shenzhen Office
Room 1021-1022, Dongming Building, No.284, Minkang Road,
Minzhi Longhua, Shenzhen, Guandong, China (PC 518000) 
Tel: 86-755-2396-8039