Mytronics Global
Strong sourcing teams in Asia, Europe and US; strategic relationships with more than 40 countries' original manufacturers and franchised distributors; 7 days and 24 hours around the clock service; quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility.


Mytronics Global
Rigid parts source control management such as categorization of suppliers ensures that over 95% materials are from original manufacturers or franchised distributors with traceable documents. Our in house tests and third party tests guarantee the quality of materials
About us

Established in 2007 in Hong Kong, Mytronics Global is an international distributor of electronic components. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and US, Mytronics Global provides cost effective and value-added electronic component sourcing services for world leading OEM and EMS companies.

Quality is always the first element Mytronics keeps in mind in our businesses. We promise that all our products shipped to customers are original materials and pass the strict and standard quality control tests. Manufacturers in the industry of Security, Automotive, Medical, and Precision Instruments often worry about the counterfeit parts sneaking into their production lines which will cause substantial damages and huge losses. To relieve manufacturers from the trouble, Mytronics only provides original materials to our customers, which we source from manufacturers or franchised distributors with original labels and packaging (LOT# or tracking barcodes must be traceable in manufacturers' systems).

Cost saving and supply chain optimization is another important goal that Mytronics always works hard to achieve for our customers. Supported by our strategic relationships and connections with more than 2,000 manufacturers and franchised distributors in Asia, America and Europe, Mytronics can help our customers in their cost reduction, VMI, and supply base consolidation programs as well as in sourcing hard-to-find electronic components.

On time delivery and flexibility is another aspect that Mytronics adheres to. With product life cycles becoming shorter and shorter, manufacturers today are facing bigger challenges than before of meeting the sharply fluctuated demands. Mytronics understands the importance of on time delivery and flexibility in keeping our customers happy and we cooperate closely with our logistics partners with 24-hour tracking of our shipments. Our customers can know where their materials are any time.

Mytronics’ customer-focused and service-oriented professionals are always enthusiastic to serve our customers. We are proud to be the solution provider of electronic components.