Mytronics Global
Strong sourcing teams in Asia, Europe and US; strategic relationships with more than 40 countries' original manufacturers and franchised distributors; 7 days and 24 hours around the clock service; quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility.


Mytronics Global
Rigid parts source control management such as categorization of suppliers ensures that over 95% materials are from original manufacturers or franchised distributors with traceable documents. Our in house tests and third party tests guarantee the quality of materials
Customer Services
Product Services
Cost Saving
  The major cost of materials are from specific crucial parts like DSP, Memory, MPUs and CPUs etc. Depend on material analysis and wide strength product line, we know which parts are possible to lower the cost and enlarge your profit. By consulting us, you will finish you cost down more efficient and accurate.
Technical Support
  Chat live with our sourcing assistant team of engineers online when you need assistance with part identification or cross-references, or connect to them through your Mytronics representative.
SCM Optimization
  Our experienced team will prepare and implement a custom stockroom solution that will lower your inventory levels, reduce your vendor base and consolidate your spend. For example, we can organize & barcode your inventory bins to make replenishment easier, using one of our inventory management software systems. A Mytronics representative will then make periodic visits to check usage levels and replenish as needed.
24/7 Emergency Service
  When an emergency arises anywhere and anytime, call us and we'll do our best to get you the products you need.
Compliance of regulations
  Mytronics was a leader in RoHS compliance, and continues to be at the forefront of all major global legislation.

Supply Chain Services

Total procurement cost analysis
  We'll analyze your electronics purchases to help you lower your total cost of procurement, and provide you with quarterly reports of your savings.
Scheduled Orders
  We'll schedule your orders for future shipments when you need them.
Dedicated Inventory
  We'll set aside reserved inventory for you JIT or KANBAN programs, based on your annual blanket order.
Instant Quotes
  Within hours, we can respond to your BOM/RFQ with a detailed quote for even hundreds of items. Volume pricing also available. Call 86-21-36030353 for pre-production and small production needs.