Mytronics Global
Strong sourcing teams in Asia, Europe and US; strategic relationships with more than 40 countries' original manufacturers and franchised distributors; 7 days and 24 hours around the clock service; quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility.


Mytronics Global
Rigid parts source control management such as categorization of suppliers ensures that over 95% materials are from original manufacturers or franchised distributors with traceable documents. Our in house tests and third party tests guarantee the quality of materials
Quality Assurance
We are ISO Certified. Our rigid quality control system and supplier categorization system can help us to avoid the inbound of counterfeit electronic components. By partnering with Mytronics Global, you would be free from the worry of counterfeit issues in your production lines.

Detection of counterfeit parts:

CPS (Counterfeit Protection System) 

  • Our internal strict quality control system allows zero tolerance in the electronic components inspection procedures, as we only ship original materials to our customers. We difine original materials as they are either sourced from manufacturers or from franchised distributors with original labels and packaging (Lot# or barcodes must be traceable in manufacturers' systems), and markings on the outer packaging must be compliant with customers' standards.
  • The CPS and extensive inspection process minimize our customers' exposure to risk. We provide photos and tracking documents of shipment


Solid Supply Chain

  • Our Supplier Categorization System ensures the original parts to customers
  • Documentation and Traceability


Further Solutions to Suspicious Materials

  • Third party (like SGS) inspectionPB
  • Lot# and Trace codes checking with original plants
  • content inspection
  • Capacitor capacitance (if any) inspection
  • Internal die bonding inspection
  • Active RMA solution


Product Packaging and Shipping 

  • Outbound shipments are packed in moisture controlled, anti-static protective packaging.
  • Filler materials are anti-static and provide vibration and shock dissipation.
  • When applicable, we preserve original manufacturer sealed packaging. 
  • An assigned quality control specialist follows all of your orders throughout the processes.